The ultimate App for Hustlers in the UAE

We are thrilled to announce that Finwin Commercial Brokers LLC has launched the FCB Mobile App, a cutting-edge referral platform for credit card sales. With the FCB app, we aim to bridge the gap between sales reps and potential customers and prevent cold calling, providing a convenient and unique opportunity for anyone looking to earn some extra cash. The UX flow is super simple. Anyone can register as a ‘Referee’ on the app and submit credit card leads. Referees will receive AED 500 per converted lead, making this a lucrative opportunity for those who want to earn some extra money. Furthermore, the app is designed to protect users’ privacy and ensure that their data is kept confidential with a built-in tracking system that allows users to monitor the progress of their leads. This significantly reduces the TAT and promotes transparency throughout the process. 

The UAE, and Dubai, specifically is known for its hustle culture and numerous opportunities. The majority of people in Dubai are here to hustle, and earning their way into financial independence. So what better way than to start earning from a young age? The app is perfect for students, professionals, or homemakers who are interested in earning extra money and living their dream in Dubai. With just a few clicks, users can submit credit card leads to the app and start earning money. You can download the App from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store – once that’s done all you’ve got to do is:

1. Create an account with FCB

2. Submit quality leads 

3. Follow-up till sale is closed 

4. Redeem commission for each converted lead

Registration steps

1. Fill the required details with your information 

2. Pick your introducer (if you don’t have an introducer pick ‘General’) 

3. Verify your contact number after submitting the OTP

4. Complete your account by adding your bank details and updating your details

5. Start earning!

Here are two main reasons we decided to launch an app of this sort.

1. Poor Quality Of Leads

Even after 3 months of A/B testing, the conversion rates remained stagnant at less than 1% in all our digital campaigns. Our CPL was relatively high and our ROAS was burning cash. As a start-up we obviously couldn’t reach our competitors budgets but we were up there with them for sure. However, none of the campaigns gave us the ROAS we were hoping for, forcing us to look for other avenues to boost sales. 

2. Off-line Activations Success Rate

Our kiosks, field visits, and in person engagement showed significant conversion rates (which is an obvious thing) – but we desperately wanted to take that to the next level, which is what drove us to align traditional marketing methods with digital attributes. We understood that the product we’re trying to sell moves well offline, but in order to reduce the TAT we need to digitise the process, and that’s exactly what we did. 

We’re expecting to onboard 1000+ Referees in the next two months and go all-guns blazing to achieve a target of 1000 converted leads. The beauty of this app is that this gives us access to the likes of having over 1000 FCB reps across the nation. But, in reality we’re a close knit full time team with thousands of part-timers earning, hustling, and living the dream in Dubai. We’re out here to make everyone Finwin Winners. That’s what Finwin stands for. That is the goal.

Finwin Commercial Brokers LLC has launched the FCB Mobile App, a cutting-edge referral platform for credit card sales. With the FCB app.

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